Safely Tie the Best Fishing Knots

We know how frustrating tying knot after knot can be…

not to mention losing your fish to a faulty knot!

Hook-Eze makes fishing FUN, SAFE & EASY for EVERYONE

Tie Perfect Knots with Ease… tie them with Hook-Eze fishing knot tool!

Hook-Eze fishing knot tying tool covers the Point of the Hook making it safe to handle, it also has a built in swivel which makes twisting the line much quicker, making it much easier to tie professional knots that previously only experienced anglers could tie. It also helps to tie swivels, jig heads, a selection of smaller flies and speed clips for attaching lures or other rigs.  

Watch the videos below to learn how to tie these with the help of Hook-Eze.

How to Tie a Bimini Twist

Using Hook-Eze

The Bimini twist fishing knot retains almost the entire strength of the line.

Watch how to tie this super strong knot with the help of Hook-Eze.

How to tie a YUCACTAN

Using Hook-Eze

When using a Yucatan knot Ross Bain, inventor of Hook-Eze, recommends using the Bimini Twist knot to attach the Yucatan.

Learn how to tie the Yucatan in this video.

How to Tie the SIMPLIFIED FG Knot

Using Hook-Eze

Learn why Hook-Eze makes it easy to tie the simplified FG Knot.

How to tie the SNELL KNOT

Using Hook-Eze

Watch how to tie the snell knot to the hook with a standard eye with Hook-Eze.

How to Tie the Improved Clinch Knot

Using Hook-Eze

If you want to tie your fishing line securely to a hook, swivel or lure, the improved clinch knot would be your best bet.

The widely used fishing knot scores above the regular clinch knot owing to an extra tuck under the final turn making it suitable for holding on to strong fishes.

How to tie the Trilene KNOT

Using Hook-Eze

Hook-Eze covers your hook making it safe for you to tie any of your favourite fishing knots. It was originally designed for the Improved Clinch Knot however Hook-Eze helps you tie other popular knots. 

Watch how to tie the trilene knot using Hook-Eze!

Encourage everyone to tie their own tackle!

No More Tying Hooks for Other People!

From young children to the elderly or anyone with hand dexterity, Hook-Eze makes it safer and easier than tying hooks the traditional way.

SO SAFE & SIMPLE! Children will want to tie their own tackle! 

Hook-Eze Fishing Knot Tying Tool! Makes Fishing Easy for Everyone!

500,000+ Customers ❤️ hook-Eze

Hook-Eze knot tying tool is an Aussie Invention. We are based in beautiful, sunny queensland.

Demand for Hook-Eze continues to expand across the globe, with a broad range of customers, in over 40 countries worldwide.