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Hook-Eze 3 x Twin Packs

Want to tie your knots faster & tighter when your fishing rivers and estuaries  

River & Coast Hook-Eze is the original tool that has taken the fishing world by storm. Suitable for standard 4/0 hooks down to the smallest No.28

  • FISHING KNOT TYING TOOL & SAFE HOOK COVER - Fits hooks sized from a Standard 4/0 hook down to the smallest hook No. 28. Hook-Eze also helps to tie Swivels, Jig Heads and Speed Clips for attaching lures or other rigs including a small variety of Flies.
  • SIMPLE TO USE - Great for joining Line to Line or Leader. Braided Line to Monofilament / Leader using the FG, Blood or Yucatan knots. Hook Eze is an AWESOME Bimini Twist tool as the built in swivel helps create the twists in the line & now can be tied using only 2 hands and a Hook-Eze.



Customer Reviews

Great little tool

I love these little gadgets. So simple to use my grandchildren can tie their own hooks without sticking their fingers. And when day is done no hooks wind up stuck to my car's upolstry. Have customer here.
Karen J. on Nov 18, 2015

Arthritic angler

The arthritis in my hands made the fiddly job of tying my fishing knots particularly difficult, more so in the cold weather. The
hook-eze just simplifies the process so much that I now enjoy my angling so much more.
Ross w. on Aug 23, 2015

Lady Fisher

Just love Hook-Eze. Fast and easy to use for attaching hooks. Great for protecting hooks in transport. Very safe.
Trudy M. on Aug 20, 2015

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