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Tie perfect Knots.... Catch More FISH!

Are YOU tired of tieing hooks on for other people?


  • QUICK SAFE EASY Suitable for anglers of all ages and experience - Never lose a fish from a faulty knot!

  • Ideal for cold weather conditions, numb or arthritic fingers and other disabilities to the hands.

  • Suitable for standard 4/0 hooks down to the smallest No.28
  • TRAVEL SAFELY fully rigged AVOID injuries & damage


Cover & transport six fully rigged rods with this Hook-Eze 3 x Twin Pack.

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Customer Reviews

Ronnie W.

As a tournament angler, Hook-Eze helps me re-rig quickly, saving me a lot of time on the water.
Ronnie W. - Wisconsin, USA

Dennis C.

With restricted sight & arthritis in my hands, Hook-Eze helps me tie my tackle easily. This is a great tool, thank you.

Dennis C. - Oregon, USA

Victoria S.

As a single mum, Hook-Eze has helped me when taking the kids fishing, as they can all tie their own tackle & so can I.

Victoria S. - New South Wales, Australia

Brandy B.

After trying this gadget for the first time, I almost cried! It took me seconds to put the line on the hook. Thank you for this nifty invention. You have a customer for life!

Brandy B. - Texas, USA

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