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Make Tying Hooks Easy for Everyone!

Makes Tying Hooks EASY for EVERYONE!

Quick Knot Tying Tool! Safely Tie Perfect Knots!

Safely Tie Perfect Knots!

Have you ever been jabbed by a sharp hook?
Hook-Eze got you covered!
Have you ever lost a fish to a faulty knot?
Hook-Eze will 'knot' let you down!

Hook-Eze makes tying hooks EASY for EVERYONE!

Here's How It Works!

Prevent injury and use a Hook-Eze to protect your fingers whilst tying your knots.

Hook-Eze Knot Tying Tool comes in two sizes to cover all your fishing needs.



The Standard model is best used for rivers, lakes and inshore salt water fishing

(Suitable for the smallest hook, Up to a standard size 4/0 hook).


The Larger model is best used for boating and salt water fishing, when using larger hooks and also features a twist top bottle opener for opening those bottles with slippery fingers.

(Suitable for a size 1/0 Up to a standard size 10/0 hook)


For first time anglers Ross Bain Inventor of Hook-Eze recommends the Combo Pack to cover all your fishing needs.


1. Cover the Barb

Safely and Easily Tie Perfect, Professional Knots That Won't Slip Undone!

2. Cut the Line

No more chipped teeth from biting the line, the convenient Line Cutter eliminates the need for a knife!

3. Clip to Rod

Travel Safely Fully Rigged - Avoid Damaged Car Upholstery, injuries to Passengers or Pets and Start Fishing Faster!

Now EVERYONE Can Tie Their OWN Tackle!

Never Lose a Fish to a Faulty Knot Again!

Make the most of your time on the water.

Use Hook-Eze Knot Tying Tool and feel confident knowing your knots will survive the battle.

Spend Less Time Tying More Time Fishing!

Over 500,000 Happy Anglers are hooked on Hook-Eze.

Selling in over 8 Countries.

18 years Experience in this Industry.

No more tying hooks on for other people.

Hook-Eze really does take the Pricks Out of Fishing!

#1 Best Seller! & Amazon's Choice!

Two Sizes Available!

Standard Model River and Coast

Larger Model Reef and Blue Water

Larger Model Reef and Blue Water

Hook-Eze Instructions 'Improved Clinch Knot'

Spend Less Time Tying More Time Fishing!

Fishing is a sport enjoyed by millions of people throughout the world.

It involves all age groups, and does not require special training or fancy equipment.
However, penetrating injuries can occur.

Hook-Eze Knot Tying Tool Really Does Take the PRICKS out of Fishing!


Have you ever been Jabbed by a sharp Hook?

Hook-Eze Got you Covered!

Hook-Eze Knot Tying Tool gives you confidence in your knot tying ability and encourages EVERYONE to tie their OWN tackle.

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