Hook-Eze Makes Tying Knots FUN, SAFE & EASY For EVERYONE!

We know you want to have more fun fishing and spend less time tying. One sure way to do that is to encourage your children to tie their own tackle. The problem is tying hooks can be fiddley and dangerous. Stop fearing the chemically sharpened barb. We believe EVERYONE should be able to tie their OWN tackle.

We all know that feeling of being pricked by a chemically sharpened Hook.

We understand the pain of rigging tackle for young family members. Hook-Eze makes tying knots FUN, SAFE and EASY for everyone.

Teach your Kids to Tie Their Own Tackle

From young children to the elderly or anyone with hand dexterity, Hook-Eze makes it safer and easier than tying hooks the traditional way. We understand how frustrating it can be for you to tie knot after knot. Only to lose your fish to a faulty knot. Hook-Eze makes fishing FUN, SAFE & EASY for EVERYONE! Use Hook-Eze to cover the chemically sharpened hook and encourage your children to tie their OWN tackle. Check out more tutorials on Our Official Youtube Channel.

How To Tie a Swivel

When using Hook-Eze to tie a swivel to the line, remember to insert the swivel inside the Hook-Eze so the eye is half in and half out, this will prevent unwinding the rotations. A swivel is generally used when bait fishing, often the bait will twist using a swivel prevents the line from twisting up onto the reel. Tie the leader end to the swivel first, do one side of the leader then reverse it so the other eye hangs out the front and the leader end hangs out the back. Now your chance to add a sinker, slide the sinker through the main line and tie to the sinker. And then attach your hook on last. Check out more tutorials on Our Official Youtube Channel.

Fishing Knot Tying Tool

Hook-Eze Knot Tying Tool is the perfect gadget for a variety of Anglers and helps everyone tie perfect knots that will not slip undone and lose your fish. If you want to tie your fishing line securely to a hook, swivel or lure. Ross Bain Inventor of Hook-Eze recommends the improved clinch knot would be your best bet. Check out more tutorials on Our Official Youtube Channel.