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The Ultimate Fishing Trip Checklist: Everything You Need

The number of anglers on the water has grown to its highest level ever. The global sports fishing market is projected to reach over $18 billion by 2027

There's no feeling comparable to being on the water, so it's no surprise that more people are getting... hooked. 

Whether you're a new fisherman or an experienced angler, it's important to maximize your water time so you can fully enjoy your planned fishing trip. The key to fully enjoying your trip is preparation. The more prepared you are, the less time you have to spend handling unforeseen circumstances.

In this article, you'll be learning about the essential fishing supplies to pack before hitting the water! 

Prepare for Any Weather

Fishermen often have to cut their trips home due to the weather. The weather can be unpredictable, and some situations cannot be avoided. But the more prepared you are, the more weather conditions you'll be able to handle!

Don't forget to check the weather reports in advance, so you can prepare for the specific conditions of your destination. Set weather alerts on your phone before going out so you can be notified of any dangerous weather developments. 

If you're going on a full-day fishing trip, don't forget that weather can change throughout the day and it's best to be prepared for any potential shifts. 

Cold Weather 

If you're going on a wintery fishing trip, the key is insulating layers like long underwear. It's best if you bring more layers than you think you need. The weather can change over the course of the day, so you'll be able to add or remove layers as needed.

Don't forget earmuffs, a warm hat, and gloves to keep your fingers warm. And don't forget to bring backup clothes and socks, just in case you get wet! Nothing ruins a fishing trip like cold fingers and wet socks!

Water Protection

Waders and waterproof boots are fishing essentials, especially for river fishing. Don't forget a towel to dry off, and a swimsuit if you want to take a swim break!

If you're a fan of fishing boat trips, you know all about wind chill. As the wind blows across the water's surface, it can chill you right to the bones. A windbreaker is a great outer layer to stop the wind chill and protect you from light rain.

Bring your raincoat too, in case of heavy rain!  

Sun Protection

The WHO reports that one out of every three cases of cancer is due to melanoma, or skin cancer. One of the biggest risk factors for skin cancer is sun exposure from outdoor sports. The sun reflecting off the water can damage both your eyes and your skin, making you vulnerable to skin cancer.

Don't forget a big bottle of sunscreen. It's vital to frequently apply and re-apply sunscreen. Even if the weather is cloudy, UV rays are still hitting you so lather up.

Polarized sunglasses can protect your eyes from damage as the sun reflects off the water and into them. 

Personal Supplies

If you're going on a multi-day fishing trip, you'll need to bring camping supplies, so don't forget any medications you need to take, as well as biodegradable soap, shampoo, and toothpaste. 

Insect repellant is often forgotten by anglers, who get end up getting eaten by mosquitoes while they're on the water! 

Other personal essentials include a first aid kit, scissors, cash, batteries, and a phone charger. Consider a waterproof camera to snap photos of your catches, and a waterproof bag for your phone and money just in case. 


Make sure you pack a lot of food for the day. Being stuck in the wilderness without food and water is no joke, so always plan ahead of time and bring more than you think you'll need.

Avoid salty snacks, alcohol, and soda. These will dehydrate you. Opt instead for sandwiches, salads, fresh fruit, and plenty of water. 

Bring a pack of hand wipes, so your food doesn't contaminate your bait. Sometimes your food will ruin the scent of the bait, and fish will be less likely to go for it. Clean your hands after handling fish too, to avoid contaminating your own food. 


Make sure you bring a plastic bag for your trash. Everything that you bring with you, you should also bring back. Be sure to get familiar with the guidelines for disposing of waste properly

If you're careful with the natural spaces you enjoy, everyone can keep enjoying them for a long time!

Keep only the fish you can eat, and let the rest go. There's no need to let fish go to waste. Nothing tastes better than fresh fish, so you don't need to fill up the freezer either.

Besides, when you run out of fish you'll have an excuse to go out fishing again! You can read more about how to catch and release to help conservation efforts in this article.

Fishing Trip Supplies

The most obvious supplies are your fishing tools! You know your fishing kit best, so you can make your own list of essentials, but here are a few recommendations. 

Study the area you'll be fishing in ahead of time. If you know what fish are found in the area, you can tailor your bait and lures to that species. You never want to be fishing and realize you left the perfect bait box at home. 

How many times have you jabbed yourself with your hook or struggled to tie the perfect knot? Cut down on hook injuries and make your fishing experience easier with a Hook-Eze: a tool that holds the hook in place while you tie the knot. 

It can trim the fishing line, remove the hook from the fish's mouth, and even cover the hook during travel. The less time you spend fussing over getting the perfect knot, the more time you can spend enjoying your trip. 

Plan a Trip Today

If all this talk of fishing has made you want to plan a fishing trip, don't hesitate! Look up your dream location and get your fishing kit together. 

Don't forget to pack a Hook-Eze, one of the best fishing tools available. It's popular with anglers around the world, so give it a chance and see how it can improve your next trip!