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Safe Fishing: Most Common Fishing Injuries & How to Prevent Them

The joy of fishing is more than just catching fish. Fishing is a great hobby that helps you lead a long, healthy life! This activity demands quite a lot from you—from setting up to catching fishes; fishing requires you to use your whole body even if you don’t notice it. 

Besides the physical advantages, it also improves your concentration. Assessing the environment surrounding you enhances your ability to concentrate, and exploring nature also reduces your stress levels–lowering anxiety and instilling a sense of calm.

The Risks of Fishing

While fishing is a wonderful activity from which men and women can enjoy being active and alert, don’t get too excited yet! There are still risks of getting harmed or suffering an injury—albeit lower as compared to other hobbies. 

When not handled with care, your fishing injuries could lead to something much more severe. Hold on to your fishing accessories; first, take note of the safety measure you should practice when fishing.

Most Common Fishing Injuries

You never know what could happen during your fishing trip, which is why you should always expect the worst and employ the necessary safety precautions to prevent anything terrible from happening. Below are some of the most common fishing injuries and tips on how to avoid them.

Slips and Falls

Fishing takes place in water, so it’s only natural that nearby surfaces would get wet. Working in wet areas greatly increases the chances of slipping and falling. Falling doesn’t seem like a serious injury, but you can suffer from chronic pain if you do fall hard enough!

How to Prevent It: Since you’ll be fishing in a wet area, you should avoid making any drastic or sudden movements. Always wear anti-slip shoes with sufficient grip to lessen the chances of slipping on wet floors and boats.

Cuts and Abrasions

Don’t underestimate your fishing equipment. The tools you use to go fishing can harm you if you don’t correctly handle them. 

The fishing hook is one of the most dangerous things you have to look out for when fishing. These implements are very sharp; if you’re not careful, they can cut deeply on your skin or even get embedded in your eye! Should this happen, ask for help from others and get medical attention immediately.

How to Prevent It: Always be aware of where your hooks are and use pliers when working with hooks. You can also use a gadget for tying fish hooks and wear gloves to protect your hands from the sharp equipment.

Fish Cuts and Bites

Fishes are fun to catch—but holding them is a different matter. Many kinds of fish have fins that are sharp enough to cut a person’s skin. If improperly handled, the fish can slice through your hand and cause a lot of bleeding. Some fishes also have sharp teeth that can bite you!

How to Prevent It: Wear special fish gloves that are resistant to punctures when handling them to avoid serious injuries. You should also always be aware of where the fish’s fins and mouth are located so you won’t get cut or bitten.


Fishing is fun, but only if you’re sure that you will be safe. Although it is a nice recreational activity, there are still risks involved, so you must never let your guard down. Be sure to have the proper knowledge, wear the necessary attire, and bring the right fishing tools so you can happily go on your fishing trip!

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