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DIY Floating Fishing Basket For Under $10!

Don't spend over $120 for a Livewell!

After you build this nifty DIY Livewell, you'll be wondering why there are people out there spending over $120 on fish bags.

To build this amazing Fishing Basket, you will need a laundry hamper (preferably the extendable cylindrical ones but the hard rectangular ones can suffice), cable ties and a pool noodle. The soft hamper allows this tool to much more portable.

Step 1

Extend your hamper so that it is upright, if you're using the hard rectangular hamper, skip this step.

Step 2

Place the pool noodle into the soft hamper and push it so it stays against the top ring. If you're using the hard hamper, you will need to cut the pool noodle so that it can most of the horizontal edges.

Step 3

Make a small incision around the hamper, large enough for the cable tie to go through. Do not make the incision in the net as this can rip. Cut around 6-10 holes.

Step 4

Tie the zip ties through the available holes. For the hard hamper, use the gaps in between the basket. Add an extra piece of rope so that you can now use this in the water while you fish.

Make sure tie two strong knots on each side so that you don't lose all your hard work!

And you're done.

If your soft hamper can collapse and has velcro wraps, you now have a very portable fish basket that you can take everywhere with you. You'll notice that these simple instructions work for any size, so if you would like a bigger livewell, DIY to your heart's content.