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10 Imperative Reasons to Go on Family Fishing Trips and Vacations

Are you stuck in a rut with your family? Do you feel like every day is the same?

If you're looking for unique solutions to parenting or a fun adventure the whole family can do together, why not consider fishing?

The benefits of a family fishing trip range from personal and relational to more practical benefits like skills development. Take a look below at all the reasons to try fishing as a family activity!

1. Get Your Vitamins

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that elevates mood. It can help bring your family a much-needed mental health break.

Besides mental health help, vitamin D also helps your body absorb calcium. It's an important contributor to bone growth, one that's vital at all stages of life. From the littlest babe to the older generations, we all need vitamin D to stay strong and healthy.

2. Nature's Cure

Being in nature is good for your health. Even urban green spaces can help people decrease stress and improve their overall wellbeing. How much more then is an entire day outside on the water good for your family?

Soak up the fresh air and sunshine together while you teach the kids how to tie the right knots, cast a line, and catch their dinner.

3. Hand-Eye Coordination

Taking your kids on a fishing trip isn't always their idea of fun--or yours. It can be frustrating to convince them they don't need screen time, and you have to spend time coaching them through how to do everything. Yet it's a great way to help your kids build those fine motor skills.

Kids need manual dexterity for everyday tasks, and many don't learn these vital skills until much later than is helpful. Fishing helps them use those small muscles and their eyes together to complete small functions like tying knots, baiting a hook, and even cleaning fish.

4. Do Hard Things

Do you ever wonder why businesses are so pushy about team building activities? Even though they're a big challenge, the people who participate come out closer and better at working together than before.

Fishing is a great challenge to tackle as a family. Working together to help each other catch your dinner is an important bonding activity.

It will help bring you closer and give your children an example to follow when you take them fishing.

5. Provide Adventures

Fishing trips are full of opportunities for other fun activities, too. Are you camping for a week? Fish during the day or combine fishing with other watersports.

Try surfing one day. If you get too hot while you're fishing, go for a swim to cool off.

Many areas with great fishing also have adventurous activities like white water rafting, zip-lining, or bungee jumping. One fishing trip is full of possibilities for kayaking, hiking, and any number of extra adventures to supplement your experience.

6. Happiness Is a Family Fishing Trip

Did you know that experiences make us happier than things? When people get something new, they eventually get used to seeing it every day. The newness wears off, and it's no longer a source of happiness.

When people experience new things, they hold on to the memories of that experience. The happiness they got from the adventure doesn't wear off, and they can keep recalling it and gaining happiness from it, long after it's over.

If you want to give your family a better gift, give them the experience of going fishing together. The happiness they get from it will be so much greater than what they'd get from a material gift.

7. Conservation

Teaching your kids to take care of the environment and wildlife habitats is important.

You want them to know what the rules of fishing are and how to protect the marine life around them. When you demonstrate responsible fishing practices, you're coaching them into being confident, responsible sportspeople for the future.

8. Confidence

If you want your children to learn some self-assurance, taking them fishing is a great way to help them learn. New hobbies are tricky, but when they master it, they'll feel great about themselves.

Your kids will prove that they have the skills it takes, and they'll be more confident at the end of the trip. From baiting their first hook to catching their first fish, you'll be able to guide them toward confidence as a habit and a life skill.

Positive self-talk, acceptance of yourself, and self-respect are all building blocks for gaining and keeping confidence. Fishing is the tool to help you instil this in your family.

9. Unplug

Even if you're a parent that doesn't mind screen time, it can be good for your kids to unplug for a while. In fact, it can be good for adults to unplug, too. Set an example for your children when you leave your phone behind or turn it off for most of the day.

Besides the mental break and lighter stress load, unplugging also helps you notice the things around you. When you're not paying half attention to a text conversation, you notice your child's micro-expressions and their passion during a conversation.

You understand more about the people you're with, and you're more in-tune to what's happening. An unplugged experience is a better one because you're fully engaged.

10. Constant Learning

Even if you're an expert at fishing, there's always more to learn. If you're not, then you have a wealth of knowledge ready for the taking. You can hire a guide to help you get the most out of your trip, or you can do your research ahead of time and learn by doing.

However you approach it, a family fishing trip is a great learning opportunity. You'll learn about nature, fishing skills, and each other.

Travelling Together

These ten amazing benefits are only the beginning. Go on a trip with your whole family. Learn together, grow your relationships, and build memories that will last.

The right tools can help make your trip a success. Explore all our collections today to find the perfect holiday gift for your next family fishing trip.