Keeping the Camp area clean – Hook-Eze Pty Ltd

Keeping the Camp area clean

Leave no trace – dispose of your waste!

Always be considerate of our environment, wildlife and other campers by taking your rubbish with you. 

DO NOT BURN ANY RUBBISH – paper, aluminium, cardboard & plastic wrappers may not burn completely and can release dangerous contaminants into the air & soil. Food scraps do not completely burn either and attract wildlife to the area which poses major problems not just for the campers but the wildlife as well. 

Often campers are attacked and tents raided by wildlife, due to rubbish & food waste not being disposed of correctly and at the same time hundreds of animals are injured & die each year from inconsiderate campers leaving their rubbish behind. Fishing line and other rubbish left behind by fishers unfortunately takes its toll on our wildlife and is a serious issue. Fishing line discarded from boats, beaches, jetties or anywhere else can remain in the aquatic environment for very long periods of time continuing to kill or injure marine life & other animals. 

It is also worth mentioning the rate of decomposition of household rubbish commonly left to the environment - A simple banana peel can take up to a month to decompose, paper a couple of months, a cigarette butt up to 5 years and a disposable nappy 2 decades! A tin can takes a century to break down down, Aluminium taking 3 centuries, plastic containers & glass take eons, so don’t try burying it either!

Remember – Consider the environment, wildlife and other campers by taking your rubbish with you.