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A Beginner’s Guide to Casting a Line and Fishing at the Pier

People who often treat fishing as a hobby, sport, or serious career, know how crucial it is to find a good place to cast your line. While many experts tend to rent a charter boat and head out to deeper waters, some prefer staying on land and fishing in lakes, rivers, beaches, and piers.

If you’re part of the latter and you like fishing by the dock, you should still see the true essence of the activity. While you will only need simple fishing tools and skills to start hauling your catch of the day, there are other things involved in pier fishing that make it such an excellent idea!

While it isn’t as extreme as fishing in farther seas and bigger lakes, it can provide you an unforgettable experience, regardless if you’re a beginner or have been fishing for a long time. Keep reading below to find out what you must know if you plan to go pier fishing for the first time.

The Best Time to Go Fishing at the Pier

Determining the best season to fish is integral to acquiring a bountiful catch. Despite bringing along plenty of fishing accessories and gaining relevant fishing knowledge to aid you with fishing, it won’t mean anything if there’s no fish to catch in the first place!

If you listen to the experts and seek their recommendations, they will advise you to go fishing during dusk or dawn. The two times of the day are usually when bait fishes head to the pier due to moving tides, which means bigger fish are tailing right behind them.

Unfortunately, there are exceptions to the rule. If you live in a location that experiences a colder climate, note that fish often become more active during the day than early in the morning or at sundown. Meanwhile, if you face warmer weather, you can opt to fish in the evening instead.

Picking the Correct Fishing Spot

When you arrive at the pier, and you’re ready to begin fishing, you should study where the best spot is because the entire stretch won’t be favorable for acquiring a good catch. Take time to observe if there are drop-offs, rock formations, and various underwater elements in the area.

If you position yourself near rock formations, you should know that fish usually feed or hide near them. When you observe the waters by the pier, stay on the lookout for predatory fish because they tend to swim near the surface while chasing after smaller fish!

Even though you can’t always see if there’s an incoming predatory fish, the birds hovering over the water can. The moment you witness birds flying in circles in a certain part of the ocean, it indicates that it’s the perfect place to settle down, set up your hook-tying tool, and start fishing. 

Knowing the Right Fishing Bait to Use

Your fishing bait is a fundamental part of having a successful pier fishing trip. Without using the right bait to lure nearby fish, the chances are that you will go home empty-handed! In line with that, you should not purchase the most expensive bait right away, as these don’t automatically mean they work. 

Once you learn the kind of fishing environment you’re dealing with and know what types of fishes and sea creatures you can find at the pier, you should get the appropriate bait. For best results, you should purchase bait being sold there since the shop owners know the fishes in the area and what they like.


Fishing is an amazing experience made for people of all ages. If you’re planning to try out pier fishing for the first time, it will be best to know when’s the best time to go, pick the correct spot, and recognize the right bait to use. If you want to make things easier, you could purchase a fishing knot tying tool to save you time and hassle and allow you to get right to it. 

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