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5 Types of Fish You Should Target to Catch in the Summer

If you live in North America, you have to take advantage of the seemingly endless amounts of fishable water all over the country. Multiple mountain streams, numerous massive reservoirs, and uncountable natural lakes will offer you many opportunities to catch various fish species.

Every season, there is a wide range of fish that anglers can choose to target. Certain species are more common during certain seasons, so you should maximize the opportunity to catch them.

If you plan to go fishing during the summer season, here are the five best fish species you can try to catch.


Most anglers often overlook this very aggressive fish species, but they are one of the most delicate fish you can catch for eating. Even if anglers often miss them, bluegills remain the most significant number of fishes caught than any other freshwater fish species. They are usually found around shallow covers like docs, laydowns, and grass beds.

If you plan to catch them, you better set up in spots where they linger. Also, take note that you should not be afraid of your string getting stretched by its aggressive nature.

Northern Pike

This freshwater species has a similar shape to a barracuda and is actually one of the top predators in upper Midwestern and Northeastern lakes and rivers. They are incredibly active during the summer season, so they can be a good target. They are usually hiding in shallow covers, waiting to prey on other fishes.

You can try using minnow imitators such as spinnerbaits, swim jigs, or crankbaits to catch them. It is important to remember that you should never try to lip them if you do not want their sharp teeth around your fingers. 


This fish species does not have a sparkling clean reputation—they are known to be bottom feeders and can thrive in polluted water. However, they can be one of your best targets during the summertime. You can look for them in deep holes on river systems or creek channels in reservoirs. They usually surface when other species are gone, like during cold fronts and muddied water.

You can use stink bait or chicken livers to bait them. Remember to hold onto your bottom rigs tight because they can be aggressive too!

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass can be found in almost every freshwater fishing location from San Diego to the Atlantic Coast. The largemouth bass is one of the most common and wanted species because they are the most popular game fish in America. You need extreme patience when catching them because they can get really aggressive. 

Smallmouth Bass

Just like the largemouth bass, this fish species can easily be found across the country. They are present in rivers, lakes, and streams and bite really well during the summertime. However, be warned that they are one of the most challenging fish you can try to catch in freshwater. You can search for them on rock shorelines, current seams, and offshore structures. 

Final Thoughts

Summertime fishing provides a lot of fish species to target. Use your time to find the ones most abundant in the summer and celebrate the catch of the season. So enjoy the moment, bond with family and friends, and hurry to the nearest fishing spot in your area.

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