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The Big Catch: 3 Bass Fishing Tips

Exploring the freshwater is a wonderful pastime, especially since the calm of waiting can be relaxing.  Nothing quite compares to the idea of being out in the water for hours on end, only to come home with a big catch to cook for dinner. For families across the country, this practice is a part of their daily routine. For others, however, the dream of catching a big bass to set records is what drives them.

Catching your new best bass requires extensive skill and research, not to mention a stroke of luck. Bass fishing can be incredibly tricky, however, as even the professional fisherman can get taken down by the king bass. You’ll need the right tools, tactics, and even a boat to catch more fish—especially the base of your dreams.

More often than not, however, you’ll need to carefully understand how bass behaves—and we’ve curated this quick and easy guide for you:

Tip #1: Know the location 

When it comes to finding their lair, you’ll need to look for wood, docks, pilings, vegetation, and even rocks. Bass relies on good cover to successfully ambush their prey, so make sure to take advantage of this behavior. 

When they have a good hiding spot, bass tend to feel safe and secure, thinking they can successfully outmaneuver you. This is exactly where you need to strike—so wait carefully as they hunt in their usual spots. You’ll find it easier to lure them into your baits.

Tip #2: Keep the noise away 

A giant bass can be difficult to capture, especially when there’s too much noise around. Even as simple as opening and closing lids can make them more guarded, much less foot-stomping and tapping. Keep in mind that the noise from your boat sends pulses deep in the water, prompting them to stay away. 

Bass can be regarded as smart creatures—they recognize patterns and habits, which is why they tend to stay away from motor sounds and splashes. Other fish may come up curious and end up being caught in your nets and hooks, but the big bass remains stealthy—and only a hunting mentality can successfully capture them.

Tip #3: Select your lure and baits carefully 

Professional fishermen believe that the large bass aren’t naturally curious creatures, meaning that they won’t be as interested in your luring tactics. They lack the interest to explore lure, especially if it doesn’t resemble their usual feeding habits. It’s also worth noting that bigger bass tend to burrow deeper into the waters, which is why it’s important to choose your baits carefully.

You’ll need to fool the big ones properly, so make sure to invest in a bait that closely resembles what they eat. Match their natural food, even if it isn’t exactly what it is—something that resembles it can be enough to lure them out of hiding. With a stroke of luck, they’ll bite right into your hook—allowing you to enjoy the beauty and art of fishing.

The Bottom Line

Bass fishing can be a relaxing hobby, but setting records require you to have ample skill, knowledge, and plenty of knowledge. A stealthy class of fish requires the right mindset and hunting tools, especially if you wish to catch one that will make your fishing dreams come true. Until then, make sure to keep these tips in mind!

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