Using this amazing Multi-function Fishing Tool

Hook-Eze – Reef & Blue Water

The New Larger Model

This larger model has a great space on the face label to PROMOTE YOUR COMPANY LOGO!


    Place your logo on the amazing Hook-Eze Knot Tying Tool

    Put information about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS on the Card Insert

    Reward your Special Guests or Clients!

    Add a Message as part of the Card Insert –  “Enjoy Your Day out with Sea Charters”

    Maybe you have a ‘Motto or a Tag Line’ about fishing with YOUR BUSINESS?


    Through Sponsorships – with Hook-Eze Products with YOUR Name or Logo on the Face of this great Fishing Device

    Support Fishing Club Competitions, Fun & Family Days or Events

    Use as Give-Aways or items for Gift Bag Inclusion

    Use them to encourage KIDS to FiSH! Learn to Fish Days!

    Great for Groups with Disabilities!

  • This is what the HOOK-EZE PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE looks like:

    Card Insert – with information about YOU and ‘How To’ Use the device

    One Reef & Blue Water Hook-Eze

    All placed in a biodegradable clear cellophane packet

Promote your business or group

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Promotional Package - Promote you, Promote your business