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Gripper & PLIER PACK
Pack Includes
4 x HOOKEZE Hook Tying Tools (2x Standard and 2x Larger Model)
1 x Lip Gripper (Colour may Vary)
1 x Pliers (Colour may Vary)
1x Segmented Lure
1x HOOKEZE Bottle Opener

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HOOKEZE Quick Knot Tool

Hook-Eze comes in multiple sizes suitable for your fishing gear. By covering the hook, you’ll be able to keep your hands safe while tying the most advanced knots. The Hook-Eze Fishing Knot Tying Tool is the safest, fastest, and easiest way to tie professional fishing knots. Hook-Eze can be secured over hooks, jig heads, speed clips, and is great for tying swivels and selected flies.

Each tool also comes with a stainless steel trimmer for cutting the line if needed. Since lots of twisting is usually involved in fishing knots, Hook-Eze has a built-in swivel to speed up that process. The Larger Blue Water Hook-Eze also comes with a built-in bottle opener

Apart from keeping your fingers safe, Hook-Eze can be used for securing your hooks to the fishing rod. Avoid damaging your clothes or upholstery when transporting the fishing gear.

Anyone who has trouble with tying fishing hooks to the line should have one of these tools. It will be a great addition to any fisherman’s arsenal, no matter the age or skill level. 


HOOKEZE Multi-functional Aluminium Fishing Pliers

Our Multi-functional Aluminium Fishing Pliers have an Inbuilt line cutter and Hook Remover. Including a coiled lanyard and a carry pouch these pliers are a serious fishing weapon.

 Length: 20cm

HOOKEZE Floating Lip Gripper

Our Floating Lip Gripper makes removing hooks more gentle on the fish.

Use a Fishing Gripper comfortable grip instead of using your hands.

Length: 25cm

 Max. opening: 5.5cm

 Segmented Lure

While the mechanical movement mimics live bait like no other lure.

Made from ABS materials and featuring a life-like appearance, strong carbon steel flat ring and 3D eyes make this highly realistic lure. 

Length: 97 mm

Magnifeye Hook Threader

Magnifeye ™ Hook Threader has built in magnets in hold your hooks in place, whilst you thread your line easily through one of the guides on the reverse side. It's so quick & easy, especially for those with poor or failing eyesight & disabilities.

Length: 6.5cm

Hook-Eze really does Take the Pricks out of Fishing!



Avoid injury to kids and pets or damage to your upholstery whilst traveling fully rigged to your favorite fishing spots


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Hook-Eze knot tying tool is an Aussie Invention. We are based in beautiful, sunny queensland.

Demand for Hook-Eze continues to expand across the globe, with a broad range of customers, in over 40 countries worldwide.