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Encourage your children to tie their OWN tackle.
Most anglers feel tying hooks can be fiddly and dangerous.
Stop fearing the chemically sharpened barb.
Allow EVERYONE to tie their OWN tackle these Holidays.

Pack Includes
2 x Hook-Eze Packs
1 x Lip Gripper 
1 x Magnifeye Hook Threader 
1x Segmented Lure
1x Hook-Eze Sticker OR Bottle Opener

Valued at over $69.95 (Colours May Vary)

Floating Fishing Gripper

Don’t waste space with a bulky traditional anchor.

Secure you boat, kayak or canoe with the Fishing Gripper. 

The harder you pull the tighter it grips!
Because of the way para-cord is looped through tool it is automatically placed around object when clamping on.  

When boat pulls away it forces para-cord to tighten on anchor point while closing jaws tighter and tighter. 

 Securely anchors and holds kayaks, canoes, boats, and float tubes to brush, docks, or any other stationary object. 

Fast way to secure your boat when out fishing or just moving around on the water.

Hook-Eze Knot Tying Tool

Have you ever been Jabbed by a Sharp Hook?

Tying Fishing Knots can be time consuming, fiddly and dangerous.

We understand the pain of rigging tackle for young family members.

Hook-Eze makes tying knots FUN, SAFE and EASY for everyone. 

Encourage everyone from children to the elderly or anyone with a dexterity issues or disabilities.

Hook-Eze really does Take the Pricks out of Fishing!





Avoid injury to kids and pets or damage to your upholstery whilst traveling fully rigged to your favorite fishing spots


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Hook-Eze knot tying tool is an Aussie Invention. We are based in beautiful, sunny queensland.

Demand for Hook-Eze continues to expand across the globe, with a broad range of customers, in over 40 countries worldwide.