River & Coast Hook-Eze

Want to tie your knots faster & tighter when your fishing rivers and estuaries?

River & Coast Hook-Eze is the original tool that has taken the fishing world by storm.

It’s a simple tool that saves you time, helps you keep the fish that you’ve hooked on the line and gives you perfect knots every time.

A simple tool with so many uses

What other tool can take the hassles out of tying hooks sized from a standard 4/0 down to the smallest, jig heads, speed clips, swivels & selected flies?

What other tool takes the hassles out of joining line to line/leader, FG Knots, Yucatan knots & even the difficult Bimini Twist?

What other tool does all that AND has a built-in line cutter that trims up to 50 lb mono & braided lines as well as protecting your hooks while you’re travelling?.

This is the tool that does all that for you.

So easy to use … even for people with disabilities

River & Coast Hook-Eze lets you can tie tighter knots faster and it is so easy to use that even children and anglers with disabilities can use it.

This is a tool that everyone who fishes should have in their tackle box.

Built tough to last

The tough little River & Coast Hook-Eze is made from UV Resistant materials and stainless steel fittings so you know that it’s going to last.

It even comes in a range of colors so everyone in the family can have their own tool.

So what are you waiting for? Stop losing fish because you can’t tie a good knot.

Order your River and Coast Hook-Eze today and get FREE shipping to your door

Check out more ways to use Hook-Eze here: https://www.youtube.com/user/blpfox/videos