Reef & Blue Water Hook-Eze

Going fishing off-shore or out to the reef? Now you can take Hook-Eze with you!

Reef & Blue Water Hook-Eze is specially designed for use with hooks from a standard 10/0 down to a 1/0

This amazing little tool is also designed to work with jig heads, speed clips and swivels plus it will even open your bottle for you.

And there’s more

Just like it’s smaller brother the Reef & Blue Water Hook-Eze will let you:

Tie a variety of fishing knots.

Tie Bimini Twists without the line getting tangled in your feet, knees and teeth. All you need is two hands and this great tool.

Cut lines with the built-in line cutter that will trim up to 15o lb mono and braided lines.

Long lasting and easy to use

We’ve made this tool from long-lasting UV Resistant materials & Stainless steel fittings so it will last for years.

It even comes in a range of colors so everyone in the family can have their own tool.

Hook-Eze multi-function fishing tools are so easy to use that even children can use it to tie better knots and people with disabilities find it easy to use too so what are you waiting for?

Order your Reef & Blue Water Hook-Eze today and get FREE shipping to your door!

Check out more ways to use Hook-Eze here: