Hook-Eze, the world’s first multi-function fishing tool lets you tie knots quick!

  • Quick, Safe & Easy to Use
  • Knot Tying Tool
  • Braid to Mono
  • Catch & Release
  • Bimini Twist Tool
  • FG Knot
  • Line Cutter
  • Twist Top Bottle Opener

For Tournament Anglers Hook-Eze is the FASTEST way to tie your tackle & for the beginners it’s the SAFEST!

How to Videos

Hook-Eze Stockists

  • True Blue Aussie Invention
  • Safe Hook Cover
  • UV Resistant
  • Great For People with Disablities
  • Great for Kids
  • Great for Kayak Fishing
  • Line Cutter
  • Holds Jig Heads, Speed Clips & Swivels

See what our fans are saying about Hook-Eze and the way it has helped them.

Just love Hook-Eze. Fast and easy to use for attaching hooks. Great for protecting hooks in transport. Very safe.
Trudy M.
Hook-Eze has saved me from many future hook injuries..awesome product and easy to use 🙂
Gabe D.
After my stroke, fishing was too hard as I could not tie hooks.Thanks to hook eze, now I can fish again!
Floyd P.
Very good product. Easy to use and well made. Handy knots and simple to tie. Well done.
Jim C.