Hook-Eze Gift Pack- Plier & Gripper Pack

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Fish-Hook-Eze QUICK SAFE & EASY Tie Perfect Knots!

Fish-Hook-Eze Now EVERYONE can tie their OWN Tackle!

Fish-Hook-Eze Travel SAFELY COVER the hooks on your rods

Fish-Hook-Eze All Stainless Steel fittings & Line Cutter


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Gripper & PLIER PACK
Pack Includes
2 x Hook-Eze Packs (Standard and Larger Model)
1 x Lip Gripper (Colour may Vary)
1 x Pliers (Colour may Vary)
1x Segmented Lure
1x Hook-Eze Sticker OR Bottle Opener

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Multi-functional Aluminium Fishing Pliers

Avoid spending time looking through your tackle box for what you need.

The Multi-functional Aluminium Fishing Pliers.

They have an Inbuilt line cutter and Hook Remover.

Including a coiled lanyard and a carry pouch to conveniently carry and keep the pliers in good condition.


Floating Lip Gripper

Makes removing hooks more gentle on the fish.
Avoid being bitten or spiked when holding your catch.
Use a Fishing Gripper to hold the fish's lip instead of using your hands.

 Hook-Eze Quick Knot Tying Tool

Have you ever been Jabbed by a Sharp Hook?

Tying Fishing Knots can be time consuming, fiddly and dangerous.

We understand the pain of rigging tackle for young family members.

Hook-Eze makes tying knots FUN, SAFE and EASY for everyone.

Encourage everyone from children to the elderly or anyone with a dexterity issues or disabilities.

Hook-Eze really does Take the Pricks out of Fishing!