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Hook-Eze Tackle Box Combo Pack

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Fish-Hook-Eze QUICK SAFE & EASY Tie Perfect Knots!

Fish-Hook-Eze Now EVERYONE can tie their OWN Tackle!

Fish-Hook-Eze Travel SAFELY COVER the hooks on your rods

Fish-Hook-Eze All Stainless Steel fittings & Line Cutter


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2x Standard River & Coast Hook-Eze Tying Tool

1x Larger Reef & Blue Water Hook-Eze Tying Tool

1x UV Resistant Sticker

1x Magnifeye Hook Threader


Have you Ever Been Jabbed by a Sharp Hook?

Are you Tired of Tying Tackle on for Other People!

We all know that feeling of being pricked by a sharp hook. We understand the pain of rigging tackle for young family members.

Hook-Eze makes tying knots FUN, SAFE and EASY for everyone! 

We have helped over 500,000 happy customers become better anglers and improved their knot tying skills.

We supply 8 countries and have over 18 years’ experience in this Industry.

No more tying hooks on for other people. Encourage everyone from children to the elderly or anyone with a dexterity issues or disabilities.

Hook-Eze really does Take the Pricks out of Fishing! 

Want to tie your knots faster & tighter when your fishing rivers and estuaries?

River & Coast Hook-Eze is the original tool that has taken the fishing world by storm. Suitable for standard 4/0 hooks down to the smallest No.28

Reef & Blue Water Hook-Eze. Suitable for standard 10/0 hooks down to size 1/0 hook.

 FISHING KNOT TYING TOOL & SAFE HOOK COVER - Fits hooks sized from a Standard 10/0 hook down to the smallest hook No. 28. Hook-Eze also helps to tie Swivels, Jig Heads and Speed Clips for attaching lures or other rigs including a small variety of Flies.